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Return & Cancellation Policy

General Information

We provide free replacement service only for damaged/defective items. If you are not satisfied with the products, you may return within 30 days of receipt. In this case the customer needs to request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).

In order to initiate the return process, only two cases which are transportation or concealed damage can be accepted by Return Merchandise Department.

In order to prevent our products being subject to any damage during the period including leaving the factory until reaching out to your home, a high level of protection is provided for each and every product. Even though there is high concern about the protection, damage may happen during any level of this process.

There are mainly two types of damages: visible damage which may occur during the transportation and concealed damage which may occur during manufacturing process. Only the products are considered under any of these categories, can be returned.

The other situations cannot be accepted for the return process including not satisfied with the color, purchasing wrong sizes by mistake, adding wrong accessories etc.

The products that are going to be returned must be in brand new condition with all packaging, literature, and blank warranty cards enclosed in the exact condition in which they were received. The products which have been installed or have had attempted installation cannot be returned.

Freight Damage/ Missing Items

When the order has been received, at first step the customer is required to check the package, inside and outside, before accepting the delivery. If there is some visible damage or missing item, it must be noted on the driver's packing slip (POD/BOL) before signing. A photo of the damage part must be taken and it is required to be reported on the following day. Missing or lost items almost never happen, but even though it is a rare occurrence the customer needs to count the boxes that are received.

Concealed Damage

If there is a defective product which has been realized after opening the package and it is not related to shipping, please contact our customer support via email or phone within 48 hours of receipt.

In this case the customer is required to provide us photos of damaged parts and the description of the problem.

After we receive your complaint, we will provide you with an RMA number. Failure to do so will revoke the customer’s right to claim missing or damaged items.

If any defects occur after starting to use this product, it will be considered under the manufacturer's warranty.

Purchasing Process Failure

In this site you, the return of any product that is purchased by mistake, will not be accepted. The site contains different products in terms of size, colors and styles.

Therefore before placing the order, you need to be sure if the products that are about to be purchased, meet your needs.

Checking model specifications and installation guides before purchasing may help this process and avoid unnecessary loss of time and resources.

Our website is being designed to help you to choose the right product and we will be ready to hear from you anytime that you need during the ordering process.